“Manas ki jaat sabhai ekai pachanabo”
Deem the whole mankind God’s offspring​

It became necessary to educate our fellow citizens that 99% of those you see with turbans are Sikhs, the followers of Sikhism, an independent, monotheistic faith. It is not a branch or blend of any other religion or religions. A path toward universal upliftment.

Major Minhas and Charanjeet Singh Minhas are holding the proclamation signed by New Castle county executive, Matt Meyer, for April 2017 to be “Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month” in the county. Matt is on the left of Major and Charanjeet.

The New Castle county seal bearing proclamation signed by the county executive, Matt Meyer.

Delaware’s Governor John Carney and state representative Paul Baumbach in meeting with Delaware Sikh Awareness Coalition in Dover.

Governor Carney is learning and appreciating the contribution the Sikh community and members of the coalition are making in the state’s progress. Seen in the picture are (clockwise): Gov. Carney, his two members of staff, Major Minhas, N eeraj Sharma, Brinder Singh Shergill, Charanjeet Singh Minhas, Anjali Gupta, Jasmine Kaur Minhas, Sunmeet Singh Sethi, state Representative Deborah Hudson, Harmeet Kaur Sethi, Lalit Jha, Vipin Kapoor, Harvinder Riar, Charanjit Singh, Riar Jr, state Representative Paul Baumbach.

Jasmine Kaur Minhas, standing in the middle, is happily showing the resolution. She is flanked by Governor John Carney and Representative Deborah Hudson. On the right end of the picture is also Representative Paul Baumbach, resolution’s sponsor in the House.

Charanjeet Singh Minhas proudly displaying the passed concurrent resolution. Present are(L-R): Row1 Kirit Singh Minhas, Harpreet Kaur Minhas, Harjit Kaur Minhas, Harmeet Kaur Sethi, Vipin Kapoor, Charanjit Singh, Suresh Choudhary; Row 2 Neeraj Sharma, state Senator Bryan Townsend (resolution architect), Harvinder Riar, Ajay Raman; Row 3 Riar Jr., Charanjeet Singh Minhas, state Representative Paul Baumbach, Sunmeet Singh Sethi; Row 4 Major Minhas, Surinderpal Sharma, Brinder Singh Shergill

Jasmine Kaur Minhas, a junior in high school, thought and organized this Interfaith Peace Walk in Newark Main Street.

Thanks to our dear friend Tom Davis who helped film this call to attend the interfaith Peace Walk.

How a blessed mind can use its creative energy to celebrate “Love, respect and Peace”.

Unity in Diversity: Different people, different colors, come together to make United States of Diversity.

Turban is Sikhs’ article of faith. Among other things it mandates that a Sikh stands out as someone available to help anyone in need.

Harpreet Kaur Minhas during an interaction with New Castle county TV Channel in April 2017

Jasmine Kaur Minhas and Charanjeet Singh Minhas during an interview with WHYY TV.

April 15, 2017. Walking for peace. Together. Age, color, gender, race or religion can’t divide peace lovers.

Peace is precious. Hold it high.

Everyone spoke for love and peace. And everyone listened.

“This is just a start!”

God bless those who not only came to participate but came prepared with beautiful messages to make the Peace Walk even more effective and meaningful.