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Delaware Governor John Carney has signed an executive proclamation naming April 2019 as the ‘Delaware Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month’ in recognition of the contribution of the small but influential Sikh community in the economic and social milieu of the state. This is the third straight year Delaware is observing the Sikh awareness month.

They are all fingers. But different. In look, size, ability, strength, and position. But the hand they belong to is One. Since they know it, they live and work together:

Harmoniously. Peacefully. Lovingly!

We all are those fingers. April 6th, let us come together to become the Hand!

For the Third Consecutive Year, a joint resolution was passed both in the Delaware Senate and House and proclaimed April 2019 as Delaware Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month!

Komal Kaur Minhas holds the freshly signed proclamation signed by Gov. Carney as her parents and others look on in delight.